Welcome to the world of Cooking, Baking, Frying, Roasting in the Kitchen.

My name is Balazs Albertus, I’m a Hungarian carpenter and blogger, a father of two wonderful girls.

On weekdays I manage a carpentry factory, at the weekends or in case of having a little free time I stay on my vineyards spending time with some working or barbequing.

I regularly have garden parties with my friends where I can deal with my hobby: BBQing and winemaking much to the friends’ delight.

I have many tested recipes: they are perfected by my own experiences and already proven grilling recipes.

Our wine usually participates in local competitions with results of first or second place.

I launched this website in order to share my own perfected recipes and my experiences in grilling and wines.

In the recipes, I will show you everything step by step.

  • I will give you precise instructions for perfect grilling, BBQing and having a pleasant garden party.
  • I will show you some essential tools and equipment which can make perfect your gatherings.
  • I will show you what you need to get your friends to ask: „When will you organize the next party?”

If you follow me you will get to know the secret of excellent garden parties.

What can I help you with?

It would be fine if you write what do you need, what can I help with grilling, BBQing or having a garden party. I try the recipes, tips, and bids to put together that really serve your needs.

I wish you good surfing and BBQing!